Fuel Operated Heaters

Eberca is the exclusive importer of Eberspächer heaters for the Benelux. Comfortable heat for

  • cars and motorhomes
  • commercial vehicles (e.g., cargo spaces and buses)
  • boats and yachts 
  • off-road applications
  • rescue vehicles

Eberspächer offers a wide range of water and air heaters. Available in different versions and suitable for both in- and outdoor installation. All Eberspächer heaters have EC type approval and a CE quality mark.

Eberca specializes in the delivery and installation of Eberspächer heating systems. If required, we also take care of the integration with your current climate system or develop a completely new climate system for you.

Hydronic water heater

Water heaters are characterized by a two-fold advantage. Both the vehicle interior and the engine can be (pre-)heated. Never a cold start again!

With the Hydronic water heater you can not only heat the coolant, but the on board tap water as well!

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StartEasy Web

With the Easystart Web you can start your pre-heater regardless where you are or where your vehicle is parked. Via your smartphone, tablet or computer you communicate with the pre-heater and check its current status (in operation, interior temperature, timer, etc.)

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Airtronic air heater

Air heaters quickly provide the desired heat and are suitable for any type of vehicle. From delivery vans and mobile workshops to cargo spaces and lorries.

Airtronic air heaters are independent of both the engine and the vehicle`s own temperature regulation system. Ideal for when the vehicle is parked!

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